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The agency provides a full suite of services including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, online media, web-design, analytics, media buying, social media strategy, and mobile marketing, with a differentiated set of performance-based business models. It was acquired by Publicis Groupe in August 2012. Performics is the performance marketing arm of Publicis.
Wouldn’t it be riveting to know what an accomplished CEO reads online, or which apps a homemaker uses most often, or the kind of web series & movies a teenager binges on?
Measure your return on invest

Any reputable agency can prove ROI of their work. They put ****ytics and tools in place to measure everything, which is significant to the growth of your business. Expect to see the following things:

• Call tracking systems with sales lead email notifications
****ytics showing improvements and relevant metrics.

• Proposals for ways to reduce your cost per new customer
Bots (Artificial intelligence)

You’d probably noticed how chatbots based on artificial intelligence gained incredible popularity in 2017. Remember the story how Facebook bots invented own language while communicating with each other. Such an amazing story shows that we are on the verge of new transformations.